From the President

R. Jack Fishman President/CEO

R. Jack Fishman

Community journalism is greatly important to communities across our nation; it plays a key role in informing our citizens of the news and the many activities in their communities. It is the major media for our merchants and businesses communicating their values and services to our citizens in small to medium communities. It is critically important in the digital age to have qualified reporters and editors reporting and analyzing community activities.

It is equally important that community newspapers play a vital role in the development of their town’s infrastructure and education. In a free enterprise system, newspapers play a vital role and one that is important for the preservation of our freedoms, our communities and our cities.

Lakeway Publishers is based in Morristown, Tennessee with newspapers in Tennessee, Missouri, Virginia and Florida.

Our newspapers provide information both in print, online and mobile to thousands of our citizens daily from Main Street to country roads.

Lakeway publishes 25 newspapers (one daily and 22 weekly’s); 5 magazines; 4 shoppers; and operates 3 printing plants and a computer service company. In addition, over 40 websites provide digital data over the internet formatted for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.